Brenna Kimbro

Brenna Kimbro


"I was born on April 2nd, 1979 in Seoul, Korea. My biological mother was Korean and my biological father was an American soldier who was stationed in Seoul. My birth name was Smokey Kim.

I remained in Korea as a baby, while my biological father returned the United States. My biological mother became ill and I was placed in Father Keane’s orphanage, who sheltered me and found me a home. At eighteen months old, I was adopted by a loving family who lives on a working cattle ranch in eastern Oregon.

I was embraced by family and surrounded by animals and art. I instantly fell in love with horses and started depicting them in artwork when I first held a crayon.

My art started being cast in bronze when I was young and my parents kept much of my childhood artwork. I have created horses in art for over 35 years and I enjoy reflecting on the horses I created when I was four years old.

As I develop a deeper understanding of self, I realize how strongly art is related to my state of mind. With reflection and introspection, my adoption, where I live, family, friends, community, horses, and art fill me with sincere gratitude.

Honestly expressing myself allows me to be present in life. It creates the opportunity to seek an open heart, pursue an open mind, and love. I’m an individual with strengths and weaknesses who constantly transforms in this journey of life.

I live my truth, I believe in inner strength, and I am grateful for every moment I’m alive. With honor and respect for the past and the future, I embrace the present. When nothing seems to stay the same in this ever changing world, there is one thing that is always constant. My present is my pure and honest state of being." - Brenna