Ken Harrison

Ken Harrison


      Born in southern Saskatchewan in 1951, Kenneth is a self-taught artist, and has relied on practice and determination to develop his own sense of style and direction.

      Ken is a natural born artist, with a passion for drawing, design and painting. Over many years of developing his God given talent and commitment to record the landscape he has evolved from impressionism o modernism and concentrating on style and color.

      Harrison’s work often echo’s the influence of mid-century Canadian artist Lawren Harris as well as his early years by Impressionistic artist Edgar Payne. His goal is to characterize the landscape, document memories and to continue his authentic style of painting.

      His paintings capture a stillness, calm and serenity of the fourth dimension with orchestrated forms and movement of color. As “Artist in Residence” for the Fairmont Hotels, Ken’s paintings are in collections around the world.