Phil Bob Borman

Phil Bob Borman


      Phil Bob Borman is an accomplished painter, who enjoys creating both in the two- and three-dimensional realms. He has been a professional artist since graduating from Sul Ross University in 1986. As an artist of the west, he is at home painting both in the studio and plein air. 

      A lifelong fan of Will Rogers, Phil Bob mused that the cowboy humorist brought him to an interesting artistic insight. Phil Bob states, " Art is a visual language, like storytelling, the content of the story is simply where you start. It is how you tell the story that brings the smile, creates the mood, and evokes the emotions. As an artist, using the tools of composition, form, color, and light, I abstract them together so as not to render, but to go beyond the subject. As I look at paintings, however big or small, I want to communicate the spectacular vistas I see. In God’s creation there is nothing mundane. My goal is to tell the story of what He has created through fine art, one piece at a time.”

      A native of Texas, Phil Bob was raised in north central Texas. At age seven he collected his first piece of art, of which he still possesses. At 14, he came home from work one night and drew until dawn. "At that moment I knew I was going to be an artist."

      Borman began as a sculptor, supporting himself by working as a cowboy on West Texas ranches. In 1993 he was called to the ministry and set art aside. Then one day, in 2004, Phil Bob muses, “the Lord said, 'start painting' and I said, ‘Okay.’"

      Phil Bob says of himself, "I am a man who loves the Lord, people and the arts. I'm easy going, I smile more than some folks breathe. I have been in a good mood most of my life.  My approach to painting and life in general is ‘the pursuit of excellence,’ It is not a destination, but a heart and mindset. In this pursuit, it is realizing that you can always see further than you can throw. I have been painting clouds over life in the west for the last twenty years, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of all that I want to explore in this genre. It is a passion, a passion to illustrate the glory of God’s creation in each and every painting.”