Brian Keller

Brian Keller

Brian T. Keller received his Bachelor's Degree from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, in 1971. He received his Master of Arts in 1975.

Brian's early accomplishments included works in graphic design and illustrations, but he was unsatisfied with the constraints of these careers. In 1980 he left commercial art to dedicate his energies to fine art, instead.

In the mid 80's Brian encountered Taos, Santa Fe, and the great desert southwest. The clean, dry air, and clear light of the southwest were a major influence on Brian's understanding of light in his works. Today, this influence is evident as warm colorful glows, reflected light, and deep shadows that dominate his paintings.

In 1991 Brian began work in egg tempera.

Tempera paint is a light, delicate paint that dries almost immediately and does not blend or smear. Since his primary goals are to create illusions that capture light and a sense of place which invite the viewer into his paintings, this precise paint is ideally suited to his work. The clarity of this paint allows him to capture the fine detail and bright highlights that complete these illusions.