Doug Hall

Doug Hall


      Doug Hall is an artist and black powder rifle enthusiast who has lived in a hand-built log cabin for over 40 years. Doug sold his first painting for $2.50 at the age of 8, and his interest in painting Eastern Woodland Indians was encouraged by his mother, who provided art supplies and lessons for him.

      He was also in the movies “Ride with the Devil” and “The Postman” with his horse Dobbins, who was with him for 30 years. Doug holds black powder rifle shoots at his Log Cabin Gallery every Sunday, and has been doing so for over 30 years.

      When he was 15, Doug skipped school and traveled with his brother from Missouri to Union City, TN to buy his first flintlock rifle. His mother was unaware of the trip until they arrived in Tennessee.

      Doug has two ceramic tile murals of his artwork installed in public spaces, one at the Indigo Sky Casino in Seneca, MO, and one at the Neosho Library in Neosho, MO. Doug’s paintings, “Battle Ready,” “Closer Look,” and “Red Coat,” are featured in books by author Peter Cozzens.

      Doug has always been interested in painting Eastern Woodland Indians and has won various awards for his work. Doug was honored with the highest award a non-Indian member can receive from the Eastern Shawnee tribe, the “Blanketing” by Chief Glenna Wallace.

      Throughout his life, Doug has progressed as an artist and continued to create captivating works inspired by Eastern Woodland Indians. His “Tecumsea – Shooting Star” in the permanent collection at the Booth Museum serves as a testament to his artistic abilities and contributions to the art world.