Steve Seltzer

Steve Seltzer


      Steve Seltzer’s connection to the world of art, especially historical western subject matter began at an early age. He grew up in a home filled with original art. These works provided the inspiration to spend many hours at drawing and painting as he was growing up. Seltzer’s grandfather, O.C. Seltzer, and Charles M. Russell were contemporaries who liked to paint together, often addressing the same subjects. Some thought their work was enough alike for each to be mistaken for the other guy.

      Despite the art interest, his college study was architecture followed by a year working for a design firm. The fine art interest eventually lured him back and he has spent over 45 years developing his art skills.

      Five years sharing a study in California with his brother-in-law, Dan McCaw, and workshops and exposure to a number of successful artists have contributed to his development.

      Access to books and shows of the great deceased masters of the art world has proven to be a wonderful learning tool as well. He continues to study, experiment and search for more effective and rewarding ways to present his pictorial ideas.

      “I love the surface quality of the impressionist’s oil paintings and I have been trying to incorporate that look and feel with a more stylized approach. My edge control has changed to a “harder” feel with more emphasis on shapes. I am also pushing value contrast for a greater visual impact.”

      Steve returned to his roots many years ago and enjoys incorporating the diversity of landscape in Montana into his paintings. The Southwest has recently peaked his interest and he hopes to utilize that region for new material and inspiration.